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We are the people that see something something new and think…what is that? Most people think like that. What makes us different is that we will research and learn what is really happening. We not only want to know if that is going to be a new home or business, but how many homes and/or what business to being built.

We watch the news for clues, read the county and city minutes, and research public records to find the information that not everyone has seen.  We do all the work to show you the who, what, where and sometimes when (if available).

A bit about Chris…I am not from here, but I have lived in Fort Mill since 2009. I own a home here and send my children to school here. I am orginally from the Great Plains, where the wind blows all the time and the Buffalo really does roam.


If you have a tip or more information about a business or development, contact us on twitter or send us an email.

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