Middle School Boundary Options Announced

On Oct 11th, a  Community Meeting was held to reveal the middle school boundaries for the school year starting 2017.  See images below to review the current and proposed options. 

From Oct 11th-31st, the Feedback period is open for comments from the public.  Click Here For Online Feedback From.

On Nov 1st, the Administration presents middle attendance area recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

From Nov 2nd-14th, a second Community feedback is requested based on administration’s recommendation.

On Nov 15th, Current members of the Board of Trustees take action on the administration’s middle school attendance area recommendation that was presented on November 1st.

Current Boundaries:

ms-currentOption A (click for larger image):ms-option-a

Option B (click for larger image):
ms-option-bOption C (click for larger image):


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